Green for penny?

Got a trade offer in a dynasty league. Standard scoring
Aj Green for Penny and Lutz.
Kicker doesnt matter. Is the future for penny going to be better than the setting sun of AJ Green?

Are you getting Green or Penny?

I think I’d want Green in this situation. I don’t think Penny will ever pan out to be an RB 1, and if he does, maybe for one year but that’s it.

I’d take Green for his next two years, you can maybe even flip him this year for a better WR option for the future.

Aj green is who i would get

I’d keep Penny

I would only make this trade if you consider yourself a strong contender. The way it looks right now, Green wont be back until at earliest week 3 which it’ll more than likely be week 4 or 5 then another week or 2 until has fully back to 100%. He is already almost 31 yo and on a bad team with a very long injury history taking him would come with a lot of risk in dynasty.
Penny on the other hand is a second year RB with first round pedigree on a team that like to run the ball. He might not be the starter right now but the way Carson runs he is at a higher risk for injury. I’m sure Penny will still have some flex/ by week fill in value but if carson goes out I think he’ll be a top 10-15 RB

I believe Aj is a free agent at the end of the year. What are the chances he will be allowed to leave for a better situation?

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He’ll be a 31 year old WR who has played in 16 games twice in the last 5 years and hasn’t reached 1,000 yds in 2 of the last 3 years. Not saying he’s finished but you’re not getting a top 10 WR anymore.

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I also believe he wont be there next year and if he is i dont think he will be playing with Dalton. I wouldnt be surprised if this turned out kind of like the Demaryius Thomas situation, even if it looks like he goes to a good situation his value will never be what it used to be.

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