Green/Miller for Freeman/Wilkins

I am in a start up dynasty league (12 team PPR-2QB, 2WR 2RB and 1 Flex)). My WRs are Julio, Green, as my starters and Tate as my flex. RBs are Gordon, Lynch, Miller. I have double stacks with Rivers/Gordon and Stafford/Tate. I need to upgrade my Rbs and this trade is one I want to propose to another manager.

I need Footclan assistance .


Close but I don’t think I’d do this trade TBH. Depends on who else you have on the WR depth chart after Tate. I’m more than fine starting miller as my RB2 behind Gordon. I think the fear of Foreman taking over is blown out of proportion. He had an Achilles injury. RBs rarely come back from that if ever.

Also, Miller with Watson in the lineup was actually a pretty decent option. I’d rather start JJ/Green with Gordon/Miller than start JJ/Tate with Gordon/Freeman.

Although I love Freeman for rebound this year, that concussion risk is still there and is a real concern, esp given his running style.

I have Kupp, Sanu, meredith behind Tate. I have lynch as well as Miller for RBs. I appreciate the advice and observations. They will help me decide whether to do the trade or not.

No thanks. I’d prefer the Green side.

I forgot one important bench player , I have Hilton on my bench as well.


Important one to leave out haha. How many flex positions does your league have? Starting Green/JJ and having Tate/Hilton for flex is a pretty amazing squad with Gordon/miller as RBs.

Even though you’re deeper at WR, I probably still wouldn’t make the trade. Can probably get a better deal elsewhere.

Thanks for the help. I have lynch as my rb2
And gotdon as my rb1. Miller is on my bench.

I’d be starting miller over lynch.