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Green or McCoy


Keeper question. In a full PPR scoring format who do you think I should keep. I’m personally leaning McCoy at this point with position scarcity.


I would keep AJ. There is position scarcity at RB, but AJ is a proven top 5 WR, and McCoy is only about 100 carries from that 2000 mark where most RB’s tend to drop off.

I’d feel safer with AJ.


Although I am a Bills fan, I would have to make the hard call of choosing Green. Especially in PPR i find you can fill up the RB spots with good value in later rounds. Green is a difference maker at his position and I consider him to be a lot closer to the top tier of WRs then McCoy is to the top 3 RBs


Green, he has a lot of upside in a full point PPR. Plus, position scarcity isn’t as bad in full point PPR because the scat backs become more valuable. Grab Woodhead later.


I like Green.

I think he’s going to have a nice year and McCoy’s durability is a little concerning.


yeah same boat. i see green getting back to form, and i see mccoy starting to hit his wall. it is a tough one, i love mccoy this year still. i just think after this year, or potentially in the middle of this year, he wont be the same runner.


Lean McCoy as well


I will also take AJ Green .


I like McCoy for this season


Green is the better long term option


I would go Green as well


I would definitely go with the Slippery Fish. I’m leaning RB heavy this season with the dropoff in RBs being greater than the dropoff in WRs. Lots of potential in late round WRs this year.


AJ Green all day. I like McCoy, but his durability is a big issue for me.


Green for me.


I would have a hard time choosing Green over McCoy. It’s hard to tell who your league mates will be keeping, but if I’m in a regular redraft I am probably taking McCoy 9/10. I love Green, but I’m more concerned with what RBs are available if I choose Green first. I’m much more comfortable with what WRs are left if I choose McCoy


McCoy should have a big game