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Green or OBJ


I Have a lot of rb depth and am looking to use that to cash in on a top 5 receiver. One of the teams in my league owns both Jordy and Brown and he won’t bite on anything so I’m looking to trade for Green. I’m willing to offer Gordon and Cooks for Green. I already offered the same to the OBJ owner and he accepted but I am worried about his health. Should I go for Green or OBJ and am I giving up too much? My team is

qb: Rodgers
RBs: Freeman, Shady, Gordon, Martin, Cohen
WRs: M Thomas, D Thomas, Thielen, Brandin Cooks, Pryor


You got awesome depth at both spots. I would definitely look to acquire Green though.

I’ve been tryna trade shady for green and the guy all of a sudden doesn’t like it :confused:


Green or OBJ