Greg Olsen is on waivers. I have Ertz. Worth a pick up?

Hey Footclan! Olsen is on waivers, do I pick him up? I do have Ertz.

My droppable players:

  • Benjamin (injured?)
  • Parker

Yes Olsen over Benjamn in a heart beat, who else is Cam going to throw to?

Yes do it now!!! Drop Benjamin

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Yes start two te.

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@casperhodi @lebraun thanks guys. I have depth at WR with Green, Baldwin, Juju, Demaryius and Parker… and I’m not sure I need another WR. Question is… do I burn that spot on a backup TE?

My other need is potentially at QB, with Dak not helping me win any games the last two weeks.

So …

  • backup QB?
  • backup TE?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a 2nd spot to start a TE. Olsen would only be a backup. I already have Hunt, Kamara and McCoy who fill my RB and flex spots.

Is Dak your only QB? Who is on the wire? And I would try to trade JuJu or DT for a QB in a package deal if you’re desperate. Lynch may start and if he does DT will lose a lot of value. I say sell high with him coming off a good game.

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Dak is my only QB. Big Ben, Rivers and Goff are all on waivers. However, the trade deadline has passed so I’m left with what I have. There are plenty of options on waivers since this is an 8 team league with 3 WR slots.

That’s why it might make more sense to pick up a second QB? Instead of a TE who would only play if Ertz has a tough matchup. Then again, if Ertz gets injured, Olsen is a solid option.

Can you list your entire roster? I think getting Olsen is smart and adding Ben or Rivers would be a good backup plan based off of schedule.

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QB: Dak Prescott

WR: Green, Baldwin, Juju, Demaryius, Benjamin, Parker

RB: Hunt, Kamara, Freeman,McCoy, and Morris

TE: Ertz

I did try to flip one of my RB for an upgrade at WR before the deadline, but nothing happened.

I would drop Benjamin for Olsen and Morris for Rothelisberger. I know it’s risky but this is the stretch run! Your RBs are solid and Freeman will be back in case something happens to your top 3. Your WRs are likewise solid all around. That’s just what I would do. This gives you solid backups at all positions.

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Thanks, really appreciate it.

Also, I do have both the Cardinals and Broncos defense, so I could drop one. The Broncos defense have great matchups in the playoffs, but the Cardinals I could drop (only had them for week 11). It would just mean that I’d have to plug and play the Broncos defense every week!

Yeah I would drop the Cardinals D instead of Morris then unless someone like Baltimore or Chicago are available. They have great playoff schedules.

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Right - I was going to pair the Bears D with the Broncos D. But that would mean having to drop Morris and Benjamin. Or do you think I could get by streaming the Bears D going forward? Or just the Broncos D?

Bears just had a bad game so no one will get them for another week if you want to wait. But I say drop Morris. Then you will be set at EVERY position haha

Seriously, thanks for the advice. It’s good to talk through strategy with a fellow Footclan member.

No problem! I’ve been a listener for a year and finally joined yesterday and I love it haha. Having trouble finding people to share my opinions with in person. Good luck in whatever you do and I hope it works out!

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Does your league stash quarterback? If they don’t then there’s no need to stash Big Ben or Rivers since they might be on by still. I would pick up Big Ben or Rivers right now to start over Dak. At least this week until Tyron Smith comes back and healthy.

Stash Olsen to keep away from other players. So Benjamin for Olson is no brainer for me.