Greg Olsen. Is this week THE WEEK?

I’ve stashed Greg Olsen because I have been tight end starved, like many, all season. Vernon Davis and Charles Clay are both looking at me with puppy-dog eyes on waivers, and Cameron Brate is currently in my lineup and will definitely be replaced.

My question to you fine ladies and gentlemen is, would you start Greg Olsen over options like Vernon Davis and Charles Clay?

GB is good against TE’s and I just don’t trust him at this point. I have Engram on my roster and I’m going with him instead.


I have him two and I;m bummed…I have fool Doyle.

but I will not start him until I see something

I have eric ebron starting over him this week… thats how bad he’s been. I had brate last week and got burned i’m just looking for a safe floor

Rolling with Vernon Davis this week ! Been watching panthers game as cam owner and I mean hvnt really seen anything from Olsen. Honestly no idea ig your hoping for a breakout but what is that 3-4 catches 40 yards and a prayer for Td Cam throws for 150-250 yards at most

Yeah, I have Davis in my lineup as well. I think I’m just gonna start him and pray.

Haha same, honestly I’d be happy with anything but a goose out of the TE position

Nope. I have him and can’t trust his foot at this point.