Greg Olsen (Trade help)

I’ve waited for this moment all season Olsen is back! But I already have Travis Kelce I need to upgrade rb2 it’s D. Murray! Should I package Kelce and Murray for an good RB or Trade Olsen for like AP or Perine?

I would say try to package and just try to play up murray’s decent couple of weeks

Really? So roll olsen for the rest of season?

What backs should I target?

I think both Kelce and Olsen are top 5 TE as olsen is a magnet for Cam. But kelce has the better value right now and will get you a better RB… on FantasyPros kelce is a 29 and murray is a 34 (maybe a little high) so i’d shoot high kamara (not likely), gordon, mccoy something like that. Find someone who has been streaming TE’s or rich is in RBs

Gordon would be good cause I have Ekler you think Olsen and Kelce is fair I feel like I’m giving up too much

I mean dont get me wrong i have kelce and he has saved my butt a couple of times this year but he has better value. if you package him with murray you’re more likely to get a low end RB1 instead of a RB2. At this point, i think any RB1 can more then make up any point deficit that olsen could put you in compared to kelce and still outscore murray.

Would you trade hunt?

For Hunt …

Hyde for Murray and Olsen?

Hunt yes-i think the chiefs will have to go back to him, Hyde not enough of an upgrade for me and he might be benched later in the season to see what they have in Breida

Find someone with heavy RBs and poor TE. Try to offer Olsen straight up for a decent back. He will reject. Act like it’s a great offer he about accept because he has no TE and Olsen is top 5 when healthy. Then throw in MURRAY and seal the deal.

I’m in talk with the hunt owner for Kelce and Murray

Not sure about that trade man. Hunt has plateaued off in a big way and Kelce is a top 2 TE. Murray has been more productive than Hunt over the past 4-5 weeks. Hunt could turn it around but that’s a risky trade IMO. Me personally, I’d vet out offers for Olsen and Murray before accepting a trade including Kelce.

Hmmm you got a point