Greg Olsen Worth Rostering?

With the recent positive Greg Olsen recovery news, do you think hes worth a roster slot? No IR slot in this league. I would drop rashaad penny. Other bench players are enunwa, morris, agholor and lindsay.

Only 5 bench slots as well.

Eh. Na. I’d just wait.

personally. I’m done with Olsen

If you are hard up for a TE fill and he is out there … go for it

I personally see him as continuing to hurt himself

I would do it. Penny is almost completely useless ROS imo. Olsen can bring you a ton of upside if he can just get on the damn field. Don’t waste anything on him though if you need to get rid of him for something else, or if you already have a good TE and are sacrificing your waiver priority or something like that. I have no problem dropping Penny though.