Greg Olsen worth the pickup?

With Greg Olsen expected to return week 12, do you guys think it’s worth it to pick him up and hold him on a roster? I currently have Brate and Walker but Walker is now injured and hasn’t been performing to the level he should.

Can’t hurt, but are there other players in other positions you could utilize in that slot?

I would pick him up in a week or so and see how his foot is progressing-I picked up David Johnson last week and stashed him on my bench-

Most of my players are kind of plug and play. I have Shady, Gurley, Zeke, Martin, and AP to plug into RB/Flex spots as necessary accounting for bye weeks. I have AB, Julio, and Baldwin for my WRs and Watson and Brees as QBs. My kicker is Zuerlein and defense is Jags. This week I will have to stream a D and Kicker because of byes but can afford to pick up an IR player to stash.


That’s some team!

Are you in a 4 team league?!? Lol how do u end up with that team

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I’d pick him up week 9 or 10… He will still be there

Lots of good early trades on buy low dudes who didn’t trust their studs lol. It’s an 8-Team League though I was just very aggressive early.

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