Grid Iron Dynasties Start Up Post NFL Draft

Grid Iron Dynasties FFL

This will be a dynasty league held on the Sleeper website.
$50 League Fees to be handled through LeagueSafe.
Draft Start Date: Monday April 29, 2019. POST NFL DRAFT. 8 hours per pick.

League Structure

  • 16 Teams - 2 Conferences - 4 Divisions
  • Western Conference - Northwest Division, Southwest Division
  • Eastern Conference - Northeast Division, Southeast Division
  • Snake Draft. Position determined by randomization through sleeper.
  • Top 8 Teams overall make the Playoffs regardless of conference or divisional finish.


  • QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE,W/R/T,W/R/T,12 Bench spots and 2 IR spots.

Taxi Squad

  • 3 Player Taxi squad to be set before regular season begins.
  • To qualify for the Taxi Squad players must be under 23 years old or with 2 or less years of experience.
  • Once a player is moved from the Taxi Squad to the Main Roster, they will not be eligible to return to the Taxi Squad, period.
  • If you trade for a Taxi Squad player you will have 24 hours to decide how to roster the player. The previous rules apply after the 24 hour window.

Scoring and Settings

  • Scoring and settings can be viewed on the league website.

Consolation Round/ Draft Pick Lottery

  • There will be a prize for the consolation round winner. The remaining 7 teams will then be entered into a weighted lottery for the first seven picks of the following rookie draft.
  • 3 balls for the 13th and 16th place teams. 2 balls for the 11th and 12th place teams. 1 ball for the 10th place team.
  • Lottery will be held prior to and posted on week 17. Live recorded.

Pro Bowl (Week 17)

  • The Pro Bowl will be played week 17 of the regular season. It will consist of teams made up of one player per roster, per conference.
  • Roster selection will be selected by the highest remaining seed in each conference after week 15, excluding the championship teams and submitted by the Saturday prior to week 17.
  • Winning Conference will receive $20 per team and all 8 teams will be entered into a lottery to win pick 2.17 of the rookie draft.
  • Lottery will be held prior to and posted on week 17. Live recorded.

Payout Structure per Season

  • League Champion - $275
  • Runner Up - $150
  • 3rd Place Winner - $50
  • #1 Overall Regular Season - $60
  • #1 Seed Other Conference - $40
  • Remaining Division Winners from each Conference - $20 each.
  • Pro Bowl Winning Teams - $20 each.
  • Consolation Bracket Winner - $25

That pretty much covers it all. Anything else will be addressed as needed in chat available through the league.

Interested managers should reply via email to

Thanks for your time and interest.

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How do you do your lottery as far as teams who dont make the playoffs?