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Grid Iron Dynasties Start Up Post NFL Draft


Grid Iron Dynasties FFL

This will be a dynasty league held on the Sleeper website.
$50 League Fees to be handled through LeagueSafe.
Draft Start Date: Monday April 29, 2019. POST NFL DRAFT. 8 hours per pick.

League Structure

  • 16 Teams - 2 Conferences - 4 Divisions
  • Western Conference - Northwest Division, Southwest Division
  • Eastern Conference - Northeast Division, Southeast Division
  • Snake Draft. Position determined by randomization through sleeper.
  • Top 8 Teams overall make the Playoffs regardless of conference or divisional finish.


  • QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE,W/R/T,W/R/T,12 Bench spots and 2 IR spots.

Taxi Squad

  • 3 Player Taxi squad to be set before regular season begins.
  • To qualify for the Taxi Squad players must be under 23 years old or with 2 or less years of experience.
  • Once a player is moved from the Taxi Squad to the Main Roster, they will not be eligible to return to the Taxi Squad, period.
  • If you trade for a Taxi Squad player you will have 24 hours to decide how to roster the player. The previous rules apply after the 24 hour window.

Scoring and Settings

  • Scoring and settings can be viewed on the league website.

Consolation Round/ Draft Pick Lottery

  • There will be a prize for the consolation round winner. The remaining 7 teams will then be entered into a weighted lottery for the first seven picks of the following rookie draft.
  • 3 balls for the 13th and 16th place teams. 2 balls for the 11th and 12th place teams. 1 ball for the 10th place team.
  • Lottery will be held prior to and posted on week 17. Live recorded.

Pro Bowl (Week 17)

  • The Pro Bowl will be played week 17 of the regular season. It will consist of teams made up of one player per roster, per conference.
  • Roster selection will be selected by the highest remaining seed in each conference after week 15, excluding the championship teams and submitted by the Saturday prior to week 17.
  • Winning Conference will receive $20 per team and all 8 teams will be entered into a lottery to win pick 2.17 of the rookie draft.
  • Lottery will be held prior to and posted on week 17. Live recorded.

Payout Structure per Season

  • League Champion - $275
  • Runner Up - $150
  • 3rd Place Winner - $50
  • #1 Overall Regular Season - $60
  • #1 Seed Other Conference - $40
  • Remaining Division Winners from each Conference - $20 each.
  • Pro Bowl Winning Teams - $20 each.
  • Consolation Bracket Winner - $25

That pretty much covers it all. Anything else will be addressed as needed in chat available through the league.

Interested managers should reply via email to houle@shaw.ca.

Thanks for your time and interest.

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How do you do your lottery as far as teams who dont make the playoffs?