Gronk and Gordon for Hopkins and DJ

I really don’t like to have a set TE, I like to stream that position a lot but Gronk kinda just takes it to another level wondering if y’all would make this trade. This is my roster if y’all can help. Thanks Footies.

First of all…are there only 2 teams in your league!? What a roster!

I think if you’re happy/confident streaming TE’s, then I do that deal in a heartbeat…Hopkins is a Top5 WR easy and upgrades you there…and adding David Johnson gives you the most insane RB stable I’ve ever seen…(You even got Conner to Handcuff for Bell???)

So you’d be upgrading at 2 positions WR/RB and “downgrading” a secondary position TE where you’re already comfortable streaming…

Yes, all day long…


This roster gave me a headache… This actually has to be a 1v1 league. Anyways, I’m not sure if I would do this trade. Sure this gives you an elite wr with hopkins, but when your team is this stacked, I would probably prefer to keep the one elite option at TE over the rest of the league. DJ may not have the upside he had two years ago and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gordon even outscores him by the end of the year. Hopkins could also see some regression as that Texans offense looks a little off beat. I think you have enough wr depth to accommodate the lack of hopkins on your roster.

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Seriously lol… wttfffff