Gronk and juju for Kareem hunt

Good idea to send juju and gronk for hunt?

Juju has great keeper value for next year, only got him for $10 this year.

I’m in great shape to win the chip this year, just need a little something extra. Already have Olsen, theilen and Edelman so I’m comfortable moving on with them. Not too excited getting rid of juju, but gotta give to get

I would make that trade. In my eyes, Kareem hunt is RB2 right now after Gurley.

Do u think that’s a realistic trade that would be accepted from the other party?

I wouldn’t accept it if I had Hunt unless I was starved at TE and WR. Hunt, like Gurley, has a great floor with massive upside.

I wouldn’t if I was the other party tbh, but it’s an okay place to start.