Gronk and kerryon for ty and Connor

Would you do this trade? I’d be getting the gronk side. Half ppr worried about connors future is kerryon enough plus ty is going to have a big second half and gronk is always hurt

Overall this is fair trade for both sides, but I think it depends on the rest of your team and your record. Gronk’s status this week is questionable and he hasn’t been that great this year, but he’s a monster if he’s right. Connor will eventually lose value in the next week or so, so getting Kerryon is a pretty good get.

If you’re in a good spot to make the playoffs, I think this would be a pretty good trade for you. If you need to win now, I wouldn’t do it.

So the only reason I’m considering it is because of the Connor thing and my RB status is bad. I have dalvin yeldon Melvin Gordon who’s hurt and Sony who’s hurt. And then if I lose Connor to leveon I’m basically done. I also am 4-3 and basically need to keep winning every week. Currently in the playoffs but the third seed. I have Adams and diggs as my wr and ebron and reed as a tight end. I’d be worried about wr depth and is Johnson even a true rb2? I don’t think he’s proven that yet

The Gronk/ Kerryon side is the clear winner as far as I’m concerned. I think Conner has 1 more week’s worth of production and then he’s unstartable. Really, if you wanted to deal Conner and get anything of value in return, you should have done it already. If you can salvage something from him, I would do it.

i wouldn’t say clear winner gronk has underperformed and kerryon is unproven. I’ve waited on connor because of how uncertain leveon has been and he’s the reason I’ve won 4 straight.

Well it’s OK if we disagree. Gronk has underperformed but that’s why you even have a chance to get him. Gordon and Edelman really open things up for him and represent a pretty big change to that offense. If you thought he would continue producing like he has since the season started, I doubt you would be making the trade offer.

I understand the value of Conner. I’ve been in the same situation on a number of teams. But you can’t both sell his potential RB1 production to other teams while you continue to roster him for your team.

I think Bell is coming back as soon as he can’t be traded. Once he comes back, I think he gets very close to the same volume he had last year.

That’s the deal with Conner. You can continue to soak up the same production you’ve been able to get since you got him, OR you can give the last bit of that production to another team in exchange for another player you can use ROS. If you wait until Bell comes back, you can’t trade him because there’s no value left for another team.

I didnt make the trade offer i received it so thats why i posted it. thoughts on kerryon ros???

Since you have Gordon, Kerryon is at best your #2 RB. You have great backs but they all have injury issues. At the very least, he’s flexable every week ROS for your team IMO.

right i guess sonys health and d cooks health at best they’ll be back in 2 weeks

Anyone else have thoughts on the trade?