Gronk and T. Coleman for McCaffery?

I’m the mccaffery owner…

Full point ppr.

Been streaming tes, my other RBS are Kamara, Collins, Lewis, Crowell and Wilkins.

I’d keep Mcaffry

As crazy as it sounds I think I rather keep McCaffery. Coleman is a handcuff and Gronk is now being double-teamed. I think Gronk is going to see double coverage all season as the patriots dont have anyone else.

Definitely keep CMC. He and Kamara may easily end up being #1 and #2 PPR point scorers this season.

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Agree with @leechang55 's Gronk concerns. Plus he’s injury-prone.

Hey thanks for the advice. I do think gronk will get double teamed a little less with gordon and Edelman on the field, but mccaffery and Kamara together is tough to break up.