Gronk Dynasty Dilemma

Where does Gronk rank amongst TE’s for you in dynasty? Ertz and Kelce are obviously 1 and 2, with Kittle and maybe OJ Howard up there as well. But in a start up draft where do you take Gronk and where is he ranked among TE’s?

Man who knows. He may well retire this off season.
He may well have this season for how unavailable he’s been.

I think there is still plenty of upside with him, especially if he gets traded (which is a big speculation round the league), in worst teams he will be plummeted with targets. It all depends in his health obviously, but if he can stay on the field he can be top 5-6 considering the top 10 has similarly old players and young players with no production.

I thought I had heard that if there were trade rumors he would probably just retire. I said this in a previous post, but he CAN have value but he has become such a liability between how he is being used and his health, it makes him hard to trust.