Gronk/Evans Trade.. thoughts?

Okay, so ive been in talks with another owner and want to know your guys’s thoughts.

Here is my current team-
QB: Goff, Streamer
RB: Drake, DJ, Howard, Aaron Jones
WR: Baldwin, Kupp, Boyd, Baldwin, Larry Fitz, Corey Davis, Dede Westbrook, Antonio Calloway
TE: Gronk

He said he would consider trading either: Eifert, Evans, and Bell OR Eifert, Evans, and a pick (probably 2019 4th) for Drake, Gronk, and a receiver to be named still.

Thoughts- would you do either of these? Would you prefer Bell or the pick?

Full PPR redraft league, 1 keeper. QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex/DST/K

Footclan… i know theres some input out there!

I would take the trade for Eifert, Evans, and Bell and offer him Kupp or Fitz.

Your running backs would still be serviceable even with Drake gone and would be top notch if and when Bell comes back. Also Evans looks like he’s back to form this year. Eifert is the wild card though. If he can stay healthy and get back to his former self, you win easy.

Yeah, it is a downgrade at TE but really helps my receivers. Would you rather give up Kupp, Boyd, or Davis? He doesnt seem to be interested in Fitz

Would give up Boyd, Davis, then Kupp. Not sure of the QB situation with Davis.

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Awesome. Thanks!! Im hoping to hear from him soon, ill let you know what he goes decides on!

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