Gronk for Conner or Michel

Here is the deal. I am 1-5 in a keeper league, and my team is a dumpster fire (See below). I have little chance of making the playoffs because the league is so top heavy (three teams are 5-1). I hate giving up because this is the one league that I play in that I care the most about.

I need to get some value out of some of these guys for next year. (I can keep three if I have a rookie. Will for sure be keeping Kerryon.) Should I trade Gronk for Conner? I will basically be giving up, but Conner will be a 13th rd pick next year and will likely be an RB 1 all year next year. Also trying to get Michel for Gronk, but I don’t think the owner will bite on that.

My only reservation is the potential that I could package DJ with Gronk and maybe get something better in a few weeks. Thoughts?

My team:
RBs: DJ, Fournette, Jordan Howard, Breida, Mack, Kerryon, Tarik, Smallwood, Doug Martin
WRs: Gordon, Baldwin, Landry
TE: Gronk
QB: Winston