Gronk for Engram

I can’t believe this is actually a question I’m asking tbh, but this was a trade that I’ve been offered.

Obviously, the concern with Gronk is retirement. Engram is my only solid TE, and I think he can be good for a while, but certainly nothing approaching Gronk, if he plays. Thoughts?

I’d take it. Worst case scenario is you stream and that’s not that bad. Best case is Gronk plays for a few more years and you have basically a top tier WR in your TE position.

Are we talking dynasty?

Yes. Fairly standard setup. 1 TE, 1 flex,
.5 PPR.

Rosters are pretty deep, so streaming TE is not a great option because there really aren’t any available.

Yah I personally wouldn’t do that deal. Gronk is towards the end of his career and is an injury or solid WWE pitch away from not playing again. Last season he had where he played all 16 games was 2011. Engram was able to produce as a rookie which is rare for a TE and seems like he has a really bright future.

I think Engram is overrated, tbh, but I do think he’s a solid long term starter. I’m pretty much with you, but the upside is still tempting. Thinking of countering with Burton and Graham.

I think it completely comes down to your team. Are you a contender or a rebuilder? If you can seriously win this year or next, take it and go for the #footclantitle; but, if you’re rebuilding, keep Engram.
I think Engram will regress when OBJ comes back, but will still be top 8 because the position is thin.

It’s already happening! :joy:

yeah im telling him no. long term it hurts you. gronk is so injury prone, and already talking retirement. engram is young, healty, and has potential. keep him on the upside that he will be a mid teir TE for years to come, with top teir upside.

Engram is off the table. Currently discussing Graham, Burton and some pick swap stuff. He’s asking way too much, but we’ll see.

To clarify you were offered Gronk for your Engram? I’d do that all day. Unless this is a contract league? Gronk’s value now is still higher then Engram. Turn around and trade Gronk + to get …oh I don’t know, Keenan Allen.

That’s correct, but I’m definitely not making that trade. There’s a serious possibility he retires.

You think he retires before September? I think he could in 2019 but not in 2018.

My strategy:
Offseason trading should be value trading. You don’t need to worry about your lineup until you get closer to the season. Set yourself up with a valuable roster now, so that way when you need to make a lineup, you have the ammo.
Courtesy of Dan Sainio

But that’s just one way. Respect your decision.

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I think there’s a real chance, yes. And even if he didn’t, I don’t think it’s a great value to rent him for a year.

Fair enough. Good input knowing a different opinion about 2018 Gronk.

For clarity though, I am not necessarily suggesting you keep Gronk for a year. You could trade him anywhere from immediately after the trade up to week 1 where I would predict he scores 2 TDs.

But from your side though, if he might retire before the 2018 season, then that trade opportunity is limited or non existent.