Gronk for Ertz PPR

Just was offered the following in a 10 Team PPR League (my personal League of Record):

Get: Gronk, Alshon, Buck Allen
Give: Ertz, Michel

My RBs: Gordon, Howard, Thompson, Hyde, Ekeler (Michel)
My WRs: OBJ, JuJu, Sanders, Watkins

Thoughts? I’m leaning towards no, especially with Wentz back and how consistent Ertz has been, and with Michel likely about to truly breakout, but It has me thinking just because it’s Gronk and my RBs could possibly take the Michel hit.

Appreciate all help and feedback!

I like it. I think I would take it bc of Alshon and your RB depth. I know Ertz is consistent with Wentz there, but I think Alshon is primed to be better than just consistent given how much he broke out from the very start.

Gronk also I think is going to get back to himself now that the Pats provided their first ass kicking of the season and will decide they liked it and want to do more. Edelman returning and J Gordon getting more into the flow will help Gronk get opportunities/space.

Perhaps a slight risk but it’s one I’m willing to take to end up with a piece of 2 of the best passing offenses in the NFL. If Alshon works out, you have a ridiculous WR core. If Gronk works out, you have a ridiculous team overall.

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Noo i definitely would not. Michel is about to pop off

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this is precisely my thinking, ertz for gronk i could see as an even swap right now, but if gronk gets back to being gronk, then thats a win for me despite how great ertz is. my biggest issue is moving michel in this deal, basically for alshon and buck. it’s definitely fair and even but i just don’t know if i could stomach watching him go off and alshon get hurt again which is his track record.

Well hold up - gotta consider Gronk’s ankle. I think it’s OK / not enough to worry too much abt, but it’s something to keep in mind. And yes, Sony appears to be the man at RB, but no such thing exists in NE and he will be vultured all season in various ways by James White. Doesn’t mean he won’t have a great season, but you have good RB depth already. Good enough at least. I’m not worried abt Jordan Howard.

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Just checking now looks like Alshon has not had like tremendous injury trouble throughout his career at least. And he def looked like himself catching that TD. Both are good options I think in terms of yes or no to the trade. No is the conservative choice. Yes is the risk taker’s choice. Kinda depends on how your league is shaping up and how waivers is etc.

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Does the other team have someone better than Buck Allen to offer perhaps at RB?

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his rbs are: DJ, Ingram, Carson, Drake, Buck and Kerryon. No shot i get DJ Ingram or Kerryon just from talking with him, he’s steadfast on ingram staying put and kerryon would be too expensive for this deal (same w/dj). drake should be better but i am deathly afraid of his situation, as well as carson just being under pete carroll.

Is it 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 flex?

2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex

Hm. Ok. I forgot to ask that. Idk. That actually changes my mind. I assume your team is doing fine right now record wise. So I guess I’d wait and see if Sony starts going crazy or something and then end up having 2 RB you can trade for someone even better than Alshon. Yeah, I change my mind abt this. I’d just stand pat and let your team inform you a little more on its value. Sony and J Howard in particular.

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Apologies for the change of heart. The 2 WR part changed everything for me.

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yeah thats what was making it hard for me to accept. gronk is gronk, but ertz is just as good right now. michel i feel i could swing for better if he indeed does breakout, or could be my rb 2 ros depending on him and jhow. thanks for talking me through this though lol i needed it.

yep good thinking. haha no prob. helpful to me as well as a fellow ertz owner. his consistency is a joy. i just wish he’s get in the end zone too. but wentz really does have a legit affinity for passing to him - he seems to know where he is without ever looking his direction even.

i was kind of hoping alshon would stay injured and the eagles would start doing a Goedhert/Ertz combo akin to Gronk/Hernandez for the rest of the season. I feel like it’s still possible since these Eagles all keep getting injured. Maybe grab Goedhert if you have a spot to waste freely.

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i totally hear ya, i have ertz in a 16 team league as well and grabbed goeddert late as insurance and then after his big game i was hoping the same thing. think that’s a good chance of happening the comp you presented but maybe not until later this season or next season. but we will see, both are studs

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