Gronk for hunt?

What do you guys think about a Gronk for Hunt trade? I’d be getting Gronk. I currently have reed at TE. My RBs are Barkley, Cook, Jones, Lindsay and Freeman. Thankssss!

Trade hunt for a wr

Or keep hunt and trade a lower back. Your team is good

my rule of thumb is never trade RB for other spots unless its a top 5 pick, RBs are too valuable and i dont believe in the gronk hype as much as others. I think Hunt can get 3 1 yard carries and win you a week compared to gronk and reed imo is a top 5 TE. Hunt and Barkley should be winning you most weeks tbh! I would as psu353 said trade him for a WR1 like a brown/thomas/aj green/juju/ obj kind of person

hope this helps

by 3 1 yard carries i meant TD carries

I would rather keep Hunt. I think you can offer lower to get Gronk. For reference I got Gronk today for Hilton. I do agree you should trade him off for WR. Juju would be great to try for. Game against BAL, he’s “injured”, and everyone is waiting for that Antonio Brown blowup game.

I def keep Hunt here. He’s got too much upside to sacrifice for any TE straight up.

Thanks so much for talking me off the ledge guys!!