Gronk for Julio

(standard league)… Gronk has been killing it, but always an injury risk. Julio has had subpar numbers so far. Should I trade my Gronk to the Julio owner who is 0-3?

That’s a tough one. Gronk is the biggest positional difference maker in the league, and healthy is a league winner. Julio is obviously a stud, but isn’t exactly the picture of health himself.

Healthy, their both 1st round talents. Not sure what I’d do. I’d have a hard time giving Gronk away, even if I think it’s the right call.

I don’t think you can go wrong either way. I would rather have Julio I think just because he tends to be healthier than Gronk (although he’s injury prone as well). Gronk literally misses 50% of the games a season on average for like the last 4 years or something crazy. But Gronk is unquestionable heads and tails above all other TEs when he does play, and you can’t say that for Julio. The health is why I would try and get Julio

I’d hold on to Gronk while he’s still in action. He’s been reliable so far, and I wouldn’t bank on him getting hurt. In a league full of inconsistent TEs with few targets, Gronk is a stand out in any league.

Yea, thanks for the advice

Depends on whos available at TE in your league and what your WR depth is looking like