Gronk for Mixon

Would you trade gronk for Mixon straight up? Full point ppr
I am the gronk owner and George Kittle is in the waiver wire

I would but if I were the Mixon owner I prob wouldn’t accept that

gronk should be very hard for you to give up this year. as a 49er fan i love kittle but he doesnt hold a candle to gronk. depends on RBS u have because u dont have any TE close to gronk

If Kittle is on the waiver wire and you’re sure you can get him, I would consider doing this trade. I’m pretty high on Kittle. He won’t get you remotely close to what gronk does but Mixon is a great play if you need RBs and if not, then you can slot him into your flex every single week.

In bad kittle match-ups, just stream.

I do think Gronk is a potential league winner though for what it’s worth.

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