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Gronk for Sony?


Hey ballers. Keeper league trade question. I’ve been offered Gronk for Sony. Obviously first reaction is HELL YEAH! however gronks continuing injury’s and contemplating retirement…i’m built to win this year. My other backs are Kamara, Shady and Howard. My TE is Jimmy Graham who only has 10 less points than Gronk. Longs story short should i trade Sony, whos carries are in the 20’s for new England of all teams, for Gronk or stay the course and ride Sony and Graham??


So I assume Sony is a potential keeper and Gronk isn’t? Or is everyone available for keeping? My thought is if you could get Gronk for Sony (in a vacuum, of course, not counting keeper) and either pick up a different RB or stash Jimmy if your’e scared of the injury, then you’d be in good shape. I think it would depend on what RB was available out there. The Patriots seem to be on the upswing and I’d want all I could get in the Gronkmosphere.


I’ve never been in a keeper league but it sounds like you want to win this season, and Michel can help you win it. By making the trade you’re depleting your RB while rostering two TE. Especially with Kamara on bye this week, Michel I believe will help you more in the long term. This would be different if you had a bad TE but Graham should be good enough to not hurt you at the TE position


Keep Sony. No reason to get Gronkowski. Especially if you are already doing well. Sony is a great keeper for next year for a low pick. And jimmy if be good enough for yah.


So this league is a bit crazy cause we have 8 keepers lol. So as longs as Gronk doesnt Retire he would 100% be a keeper.


And there is no cost for keepers? How does that work? Like I said, it would all depend on who is on the waivers for me - Maybe delay the trade until you see who you get from the waivers. If you get another good RB, then maybe go for the Gronk upside.

I think that Sony is the smarter of the options with the RBs you have right now though.


Ehh I hate the if lol I would still definitely keep Sony. Especially if he just emerges as the work horse or even him and white just dominate that backfield there Patriots might change their outlook at the rbbc. But I know that’s all speculation.