Gronk for T. Yeldon and T. Boyd

I’ve got Gronk, but I am hurting in the Running Back department. Thinking about trading Grong for TJ Yeldon and Tyler Boyd. I have Trey Burton sitting on my roster, so I’m not going to be killing myself too bad if I lose Gronk. I’ve also got Gurly and Michael Thomas in their respective positions.

Is this a stupid trade?

*forgot to mention, it’s a 1/2 ppr. I can list the rest of my roster if that’ll help.

I’m kind of out on Gronk right now… I’m a New England native who loves his Pats but with the Pats using a super balanced scheme, Gronk is blocking a ton, and Gordon is starting to inherit that third down role. Not suggesting Gronk is going to disappear, but clearly they’re trying to keep him healthy and I could see the value your getting looking great.