Gronk for Thielen

Just got an offer to trade away gronk for thielen, I have evan engram as a rnd 12 keeper next year. I also have Barkley so not sure I want the engram barkley stack. What do you guys think?

I would keep Gronk. But it also depends on your WRs, if you need a WR badly then you might want to do it but I’d ask for more than Thelen. Otherwise, keep Gronk!

i love gronk as a te he puts up points always but with engram there i like him too. personally id try to trade away engram for a wr2/wr3 person but if youre set on gronk i dont think thielen is good enough value for gronk.

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interesting, I was kinda thinking the same thing. I am trying to talk to another kid about engram for cooks if I can swing that. And yeah, my WRs are super weak, I am starting Arob and Tate so I definitely need some help.

No way I’m accepting that. I have Gronk and I wouldn’t accept less that a top 3-4 TE and a WR 2 personally. There is just such a gap after Gronk to the next guy. I mean this week he put up 7 120 1 and that’s not a huge game for him, that’s just kind of what he does.

you could package arob and engram together for a decent wr. i personally hate stacking rbs/wrs with te because theyre fighting for the same volume. i think you wont have a whole lot of value this week with engram due to his performance but i think his stock will bounce back after this weekend

Thanks for the input guys! This was really helpful

keep us updated on how it goes!

I ended up keeping Gronk and trading away engram and ekeler for Brandin Cooks. I liked how he looked last week and I think by the end of the season he will be the WR1. Almost snagged green in that trade though which has me a little bummed but I think it worked out pretty good and I am keeping Gronk! Thanks for the help guys

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