Gronk has me rushing to trade... Crabtree or Brown rest of season?

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So Gronk has me rushing for trades. No one on the waiver wire is worth picking up, the best options are Charles clay, Vernon Davis, and the guy from Dallas. Lol. Yea that’s where we are at. I’m not even sure if Antonio gates is there…

Anyway, I’ve got a trade lined up
I give
Nyheim hines and Marlon Mack
I get
Michael Crabtree and Austin hooper

I originally wanted John brown but the guy countered with Crabtree. Both guys have great schedules and I could use the wr depth, but I think I would rather have John brown. Is the gap big enough between brown and Crabtree that I should push for brown?
And is this trade worth the risk? If Gronk misses week 8 that would be Austin hoopers bye week. And I’d really be in a pickle. I can’t roster 3 te. I just can’t. I’m tempted to just send Lamar miller to the uzoma and blue owner but his Jared cook is on bye. Anyone have any ideas?
I’ve got rb depth for days.
Gurley, gordon, ekeler, L miller, n Hines, m Mack, duke Johnson, Ito smith

Like I said, i could use the wr help with brown or Crabtree
I’ve got obj, Keenan Allen, Marvin Jones jr.

Thanks for any input

Could just try a straight up trade for Hooper. Otherwise I wouldn’t want to risk being stuck week8 trying to hold 3 te’s. Or just bite the bullet and stream clay or davis

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But Crabtree is getting an uptick in targets and becoming a solid grab just as brown is. They are about even imo

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I like it but who would I drop for that waiver tight end? Luck and Brees are on my roster but other than that it’s all kind of legit guys. I’m thinking about making a move for a decent tight End for an rb needy team.

You might be able to move miller based on the name to an rb needy team

No one is taking my offers, I think I’ve gotta go hooper and Crabtree for Mack and Hines… I feel like I’m way over paying. And I hope gronk would be back week 8. I still haven’t sent miller to the uzoma owner,… but his Jared cook is on bye week so idk of he’d accept it anyway. And now Melvin is out, so glad I made a point to get ekeler at all costs everywhere I had gordon