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Gronk is Flex-able


My league (one of them), is a 14 team non-PPR single keeper taken a round earlier than the previous year. A player can only be kept once, and any player taken in the first round the previous year cannot be kept.
1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX, 1 TE, D, K

The question on the table is…drafting Gronk as a Flex player instead of using him in the TE spot.


I greatly dislike having a forced flex play every week. The whole concept of the position is flex-ability. Say there’s a 1 week injury benefitting someone on your bench, juicy matchup, etc., you want to be able to use the flex position for that huge upside flyer pick or that high floor guy (depending on the week). Odds are there would never be someone to trump gronk on the flex spot. Which means you’re losing the value of your bench and quality in your starting rotation. To me, this is similar to the no-no of picking a QB/TE early. Hampers your potential and bench value.


Regardless of your keepers, drafting a specific player only for flex is risky. That’s a position you need to be able to plug various players into, depending on circumstance. If you are able to get Gronk and another strong TE without weakening your team, then by all means. But overall, targeting just one player for flex is playing with fire. A strong and deep team will allow a quality flex every week 100% of the time.


While normally I would agree with both of you, I am only considering Gronk for this. His talent and usage can transcend his position.

The reason I am considering Gronk for this is because if he plays at least 14 games he is good for 1000+ yards and double digit TDs. For WRs that puts him top ten from 2016. Anyone I would want to play will have space, we have 2 flex spots and if it’s a WR I can just put him in the WR spot.


I don’t know if drafting Gronk simply for your flex is a good idea. I would draft him as your TE and if you can grab Olsen or Kelce as a flex you could do that. That way you protect your self if Gronk gets injured and you could still start 2 TEs.


Thanks guys, I think I will pass on the idea, but good conversation.