GRONK, late 1st round value?

Is Gronk worth the late 1st round pick in a 12 team league???

Is it PPR… Do you start 2 TEs?

You probably don’t have to late 1st round. If you are 9,10, 11 or 12 take who you want 1st round then get Gronkowski in the early 2nd if you must. I’m assuming you aren’t in a “Patriots Only” or “We love Gronk” league.


No, standard, 1 TE, 1 Flex

I am probably the highest on Gronk out of most people.

I would not take Gronk with a 1st round pick. Only cause of injury. If I knew gronk was going to give me 16 games guaranteed, then I’d be willing to take him with a late 1st. I’d probably look to a stud RB if available or OBJ.

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I would also not take Gronk on the 1st round. I’d feel a lot more comfortable taking him in the second round.