Gronk / Lindsay Trade

Gronk for Lindsay/Oj Howard…would have thought that was selling low before, but with Fitz back at QB, I’m wondering if the Lindsay/Howard side of the trade is the winner.


I like the lindsey/howard side. it seems like the injuries have finally caught up to gronk and hes no longer the set and forget TE we are used to.

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I think this is a good trade. Is Lindsay going into your starting lineup? Over who?

I like Lindsay howard, Gronk has been hurt and still is and Howard And Lindsay have both been startable

I have Bell/Conner and Fournette/Yeldon. Lindsay is a bye week filler, but it’s a must win game.

other offer included robert woods and dion lewis

Lindsay and Howard for sure.

Lindsay Howard wins the day. Year of the no name.

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