Gronk on waivers! Crazy not to grab him?

(disclaimer: Yes, we are a week 17 league, if I WIN and become League Champion this week, I get to correct it for next year. If the commissioner wins, he wont. so help a girl out) . I’m in the championship, my defeated opponent from last week dropped Gronk to the waiver wire after a big fat zero from him last week (cost him the game). Am I crazy to leave Gronk on the waiver wire? We all know the shitty situation TE’s have been all year and I currently have Trey Burton and Brate is also available in my league.

Assume this is redraft and not keeper or dynasty?

Are you asking if you should pick up and play? Or just stash as a defensive move?

Yup, you assume correctly. It is a redraft league. PPR. And I’m trying to decide if there is any value at all picking him up. Either to play (not feeling good about that) or as a defensive move for my opponent. My opponent has J. Cook currently.

If this is PPR I think you might be better off with Burton.
I had Gronk all year and I feel like he cost me the season mainly because I couldn’t leave “the name” just sitting on the bench.
Did Chicago secure the bye week? If they didn’t I would most certainly play Burton. Also, who does your opponent have as TE? Pick up Gronk defensively. Oh I just read your last reply and he has jared cook. Pick him up defensively.

Is Herndon out on waivers?

Chicago is playing this week for a bye.