Gronk or Adams?

I have both Gronk and Devante Adams available to franchise and draft at position 3, and i either get Saquon or Antonio Brown, what should i do?

What kind of draft is this?

full point PPR

Confused a bit by the quesiton. When you say draft at position 3, that means you’re drafting them 3rd overall? Must be better choices than that…

I’m taking Brown in a full point PPR for sure.

its a question on who to franchise. cant decide to go TE or WR

Adams has more long term value in my opinion.

Then is this a dynasty draft?
Is Adams and Gronk the two best players you have on your team from last year?
By “franchise” does that mean the same as “keeper”?
How long do you keep them for? What does it cost you?
Is that the only player you get to keep?

So many questions need answered to know whats going on here.

its not a dynasty league, and you don’t lose anything for the guy you keep, you just cant keep them 2 years in a row. and you can only keep 1 player

Okay, so then I probably keep Gronk, and draft Antonio Brown. Then next year I keep Antonio Brown.

I like having the top guy at two positions. Technically Adams and Gonk stat wise are similar. They finished close to each other in fantasy last year. Adams - 74/885/10, Gronk - 69/1084/8. But what makes me choose Gronk over Adams, is that you can probably draft another WR that can finish around the same as Adams. You will not find another TE that is going to put up the same numbers as Gronk.