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Gronk or Clay


What do you guys think about Gronk. He was late to the injury report today and is listed as questionable. I have C.Clay sitting on the bench. Should I play him instead?


Whenever you’re talking about NE, it’s a tough one. LOL…#1 I don’t trust Belichick. BUT…#2…it’s ALWAYS a risk to ??? NE!!! Right now NE’s DST is pathetic…but…when you’re talking Gronk (or most of NE’s OFF)…geez-louise…I wouldn’t trust NOT starting Gronk unless he’s CONFIRMED to be OUT!!! The way this season’s been going so far…good grief…who knows. BUT…anyway…hope that helps buddy and hope it doesn’t screw you up!!!


Yeah, I think if Gronk is active, you have to play him. Clay is a really nice safety net though!


Very well said. I have Clay as well. But I don’t have Gronk. Got Rudolph which I’m about to get frustrated with. Just keep thinking I should hold onto him til Bradford comes back. Just not been looking good for TE’s so far this season. BUT…yep…as I mentioned…until Gronk is CONFIRMED to be OUT…you gotta take the chance with him!!!


You must play Gronk if he is active. He has such HUGE upside, the potential for absolute monster production is always there and his floor is high so you won’t do worse that 7-10 points. Gronk!


EXACTLY pjscud0319!!!


Thank y’all very much. He’s in my lineup for tomorrow’s game unless I hear something crazy before kickoff.


LOL…hope we didn’t lead you wrong. I’ve got both Thielen and Rudolph. Been holding onto them both in hopes that Bradford gets back before I completely lose until it’s too late to salvage my team. Been just really nuts this season!!! Just picked up Clay last week and Kamara, Ellington, and Humphries this week for Higgins, West, and Perine. Wishing you the best my friend!!!


Thanks man. If it doesn’t work oh well. That’s what makes it fun. Just a game. You picked up some good cats too.


TY buddy!!! LOL…I hope you’re right on my P/U’s. Getting nervous here!!!


BUT…yeah…as you said NoSleeveNation…it’s ALL about the fun, challenge, and strategy. LOL…even if I come in 10th in our 10 team PPR league…oh yeah…I’LL BE BACK NEXT YEAR…EVEN IF IT MEANS I’LL GET MY BUTT KICKED AGAIN!!! This CHIT is soooo addictive!!! LOL


Just saw Gronk is “not expected to play” on Sleeperbot. An earlier update said if he did, “he will be limited.” Looks like Clay is in!


Thanks buddy. I wasn’t gonna look until right before they start but seen the message. Clay it is and I’m not hating playing him.


Do you think since he is out I should play Amendola ( possible more targets) over the slightly banged up Beckham? Or just stick with Beckham?


Clay for sure


I like amendola in this matchup, even more now, but no way you sit OBJ for him…he’s not that banged up and LAC is traveling cross country and aren’t great to begin with