Gronk or Dalvin?

Already have DJ and M. Thomas on my team.

should i take Gronk or Dalvin with my first pick?

12 team 0.5 ppr, 2 keepers (DJ and Thomas). picking at the 2 spot, snake so wont pick again for a while. if i took gronk i would end up with collins, lynch, burkhead etc as my #2 back.

Are those really the only options? I guess I’d take Cook.

Probably the best 2 options… maybe jordan howard or davante adams?

I’d probably take Adams, personally.

Personal preference depending on who’s available and then names mentioned in the post above would be

Howard -> Gronk -> Adams -> Cook

Full disclaimer, I love Howard this year.

I could see taking Adams over Gronk, but you already have Thomas and there’s a deep pool of WR in the later rounds and I’d rather secure an elite RB as the drop off is steep. I wouldn’t be comfortable with the names you mentioned as my RB2, maybe Collins I could live with, but that’s just me.

Gronk is Gronk, you’ll get an elite TE but allot a week or two of injury. Could always snag Kelce or Ertz in the next few rounds and have a top tier TE.