Gronk or Julio?

I have Kamara as a 9t round keeper and Fournette as a 2nd rounder locked into place. I managed to trade for number 1 and number 3 overall. I plan on taking Saquon number one, and I’m considering either Julio or Gronk with that 3rd overall pick. Am I crazy to think Gronk is a good option with the WR depth in the middle rounds this year?

TAKE GRONK: Receivers seem to be D. Thomas, Cooper, JuJu
TAKE JULIO: Receivers are Julio, D. Thomas, Cooper… but TE seems to fall to Reed or Doyle.


Taking JJ. Not even close. And I am about as high on Gronk as anyone you’ll find.

I agree, Julio is due for a bounce back year. Gronk carries a big injury risk too. I would pick Julio.