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Gronk or Vance Dancing


Hello! New FootClan member here! Excited to be here.

So! Anyone hear anything else on Gronk?
I picked up Vance McDonald just in case- with this game in less than 2 hours- what are you Gronk owners doing?


Gronk is a go. I just got the update from like three different apps. So, I’m definitely playing Gronk.


Ha I did too.
Let’s go Gronk- Edelman back should pull some of that double coverage a bit


I sure hope so. I need that galoot to get going so I can rack up some dubs.


I’m with you brotha. I need them too.
Stuck in this Jason vortex of Ls!

Good luck!!!


Damn Jason’s suck rubbing off on us.

The unfortunate thing is I have the third most points but most points scored against me. Frustrating.

Thanks for the good luck and same to you. Ha