Gronk Problems...Collins or howard rest of season?

I need to drop one to pick up a TE off waivers due to Gronk being just about out for week 7…I need help??
I could also drop Yeldon and put in another RB seeing as this could be the last week of fantasy relevance for him…but I need the win and Yeldon is possibly the strongest this week off of bench. ???

my team:
Goff - QB
Mixon - RB
Yeldon - RB
Jeffery - WR
Kearse - WR
Gonk - TE
K. Johnson - FLEX

Bell - RB
D. Adams - WR (bye)
Baldwin - WR (bye)
Collins - RB
Ingram - RB
Howard - RB
Chubb - RB

Maybe you could play Chubb and drop yeldon for a TE. But I understand you want to play Yeldon for his last start.

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Yea I’m leaning towards dropping Yeldon…I think Ingram would be the play however. You’d go with Chubb huh?

The baltimore defense is really good. Chubb has a better match up. But I could see Ingram having a big game too, you know, its the saints.