Gronk trade advise

Hey Footballers -

I have a bit of a gloomy RB situation, however, have Gronk and thinking of offering him in a trade. Two options I see are:

Give Ty Montgomery + Demaryius Thomas (on name value) + Gronk and receive:
Option 1 - Freeman + AJ Green
Option 2 - Fournette + ODB

This would leave me with Evan Engram at TE or Brate/Fleener/Hooper/V.Davis (on WW)

Help please

I like the idea of getting a solid RB for gronk and having engram. I just hate both trade options. ODB is hurt AGAIN and atlanta’s wr’s are hurt which is going to stack the box against the rbs there.

Ok, gotcha. Agree with the input on these. With Atl on bye, dont you think the injury issues would probably clear up a bit?

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Gotta go with freeman and aj here. I DO think the receivers will get healthier, and either way, you get two elite names that enable you to get trade value if you need to in the future. This is a good move. Oh and AJ is a beast.

I would hope but it depends how banged up they are. Its especially concerning because it was both WR’s. If it was only 1 i’d be less concerned.

Do you think trade value is somewhat fair?

I think it’s somewhat fair, yes, but you will end up winning this deal because montgomery will all of the sudden become a non issue for you.

Thanks, appreciate the input, will see if there are any bites

Understand the concern, and agree. Will threat lightly, and see if there are any bites.