Gronk trade offer

Got on offer that is pretty interesting. Got offered TY Hilton, Royce Freeman and Reed for Gronk. What does the foot clan think. Should I do it?

Yep! Lol. I would do it for just the 2 guys. I’m not big on TE though. I stream every year.

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Get two starting options at 2 other positions and if reed stays healthy he will be a top 5 TE

My initial reaction is, “Heck yeah! Take that!”. But who are you going to drop for this to happen?

What’s the rest of your roster look like?

Put the rest of your roster on here but I think that trade is fair just based on TY and Royce I think. And getting Reed is a bonus. You can just stream when he gets hurt but for the games he’s healthy he’ll put up great numbers.

I’d take it