Gronk Trade? Pair with Kittle?

started 0-5 and have made two trades the past two days. Have another potential one for Gronk.
QB: Mahomes
RB:Yeldon, Conner, White, Cook, Crowell
WR: Landry, Sanders, Larry, Enunwa
TE: Kittle

Just flipped Lynch for Landry this morning. Have an offer of Stafford and Gronk for Cook and Mahomes. also have a seprate offer for next week of OBJ and Dion for White and Sanders. should I do both?

I don’t think I would do either of them

I wouldnt do either of them as well. If there is anyone else who is looking to win now I would suggest trading Conner and/or Yeldon for year long RBs

I hear you. Only problem is I’m one of the win now guys haha I just received a revised offer: white for Golladay and Dion Lewis. I think this is close I’m not sure after this weekend’s KC game if white is going to keep it up

In a vacuum, both of these trades are a yes for me. But I don’t think you have the RB depth to do the gronk one and Kittle is a stud anyways and more than fine to roll out as an everyweek starter. I just traded for him in one of my leagues. Problem is you have 2 rental Rbs in Yeldon and Conner and White who is due for serious regression. So a Healthy cook would be your only shot at a stable starting RB. Also, Mahomes is a much more reliable starter than stafford.

The second one, I would do pretty quickly. You’re selling high on white and buying low on OBJ. Although I do love sanders, he’s not in the same tier as OBJ.

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The regression and selling high on white is what I want to take advantage of. Think the OBJ deal is better than the just white for Dion and Golladay?

Yes the OBJ one is preferred cause you get a stud on the low.

But white for Dion + Golladay is another great deal. Love golladay. I think he’s an every week starter WR2 ROS.

I don’t do the Gronk trade. Qb’s usually don’t matter but Mahomes is difference maker. More importantly though, you are fine at tight end with Kittle and would be pretty thin at running back, so I wouldn’t do it. The obj one, I don’t know why everyone is saying no. I think you have the rb depth, and Dion is still somewhat usable. Odell is still an elite player.

Thanks guys for the help! One last question he has a bunch of receivers and isn’t looking for one back as much to be balanced so what if I added in a separate deal for this week with Conner for either boyd cooper or Lockett and then do the OBJ deal next week so he unloads a couple receivers and still gets conner for this week?

You cant afford to lose conner tbh for your lineup. You don’t have the luxury of trading RBs. Get the most out of Yeldon/Conner while you can. They contribute more to your team via points than trades right now.