Gronk value check

Anyone want to weigh in with ideas on what you can get for Gronk? I have him in a standard league and don’t mind streaming but just interested in what the clan thinks his value is?

Someone like a Keenan Allen? I need more WR help than RB which I super deep at so WR trade target suggestions 1 for 1 welcome!

I offered Reed and Thompson from the redskins for gronk and another combination and it got rejected

Yeah maybe Allen, Cooks, Adams, Tyreek, Diggs, Jeffery, JuJu, Landry. I think they all may feel like stretches right now with Gronk’s slow start, but I can see somebody stacked at WR and streaming TE’s feeling like it’s time to go ahead and pay up to upgrade before Gronk’s value rebounds.

I actually acquired Gronk in a trade for Fournette, Reed and Josh Gordon. I got Gronk and Green back, post Gordon trade to the Pats. Still happy with it as i got reed super late and have more than enough RBs.

Even if Gronk is average this year, he’ll still likely be a top 5 TE at the end because the position is a total wasteland.

Yeah it’s a tough one to call, as i didn’t draft Gronk and as i said above got him in a package fairly cheep i don’t feel quite so panicked to trade him and i do think that even if he has a down year he’ll be fine anyway - TEs are even worse this year than last with all the injuries etc.

I may be better off keeping him but if by some miracle he plays and plays well this week i may put some feelers out there. A lot of those WRs mentioned are on teams weak at TE so another down week for Allen maybe if others slow i could sure up my WR position. But of course if Gronk bounces back and starts scoring in the teens each week with the occasional blow up game then I’ll be fine with that too!

In my league the James Connor owner offered me Gronk for Lev Bell, I haven’t accepted or declined yet. I have Kittle as my only TE right now. I’m not super desperate to hang onto bell but I’m not sure which would give me the better upside in the long run.

That’s tough, I think Bell is still worth the hold for the long run to be honest. If the Conner owner is keen for Bell maybe see if you can get a deal done, if Gronk misses this week he’s value will drop a bit while Bells stays up so see if you can get a bit more?

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Lev bell will get you more points than gronk will to make him effective in my eyes

Totally depends on your league, I just got Gronk for what I think is a steal. I traded Amari Cooper and Trey Burton for Gronk last night. If I was the original Gronk owner I’d be looking for a minimum of a Tier 1 WR or a T1 or T2 RB (T2 would depend on the name).

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I just offered Amari Cooper and Trey Burton for Gronk and the Gronk owner is very interested (Amari is my Flex WR)