Gronk vs OJ ROS

Been working on the Gronk owner for weeks now. Have OJ and pretty pleased but have this feeling Gronk is going to turn it own down the fantasy playoff stretch.

I’m absolutely loaded at RB and considering a OJ + Mack or KJ for Gronk. Is this a mistake. I know it’s a gamble with Gronk’s lack of production thus far this season and health issues. But is this a mistake?

All thoughts appreciated.

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Kind of the same situation but may look to move gronk. Just not sure who to target

I guess if I’m going to upgrade TE, I’m targeting Kelce, Ertz and Kittle. Gronk is always a health issue and so many pass catching options and dump offs to White that even a healthy Gronk would have to have tempered expectations. Freak TE but he’s not the focal point of the passing game now.

I’m trying to move Gronk now. I have Burton (who is without a BYE week now). Trying to grab a WR. I just don’t feel like Gronk is going to continue to be Gronk, with all the other target options for Brady and health is always a concern.

I am in the same spot and am targeting Kittle as well.

Idk if I’d pay that much for Gronk. Don’t think he’s going to be a HUGE improvement for OJ ROS honestly, and getting rid of a good RB on top of it wouldn’t be ideal imo. I’m higher on KJ than Mack (I’m a KJ owner though so def biased) so if you want to do it, I’d recommend throwing Mack in instead of KJ.

I would easily move OJ and Mack for Gronk. Mack is coming off a great matchup against Buffalo. Game script won’t favor them like that most weeks. With Gronk, you have to plan on him missing some games at some point. Stinks that you’d be trading for him in the middle of a health issue, but this is what you sign up for with Gronk. Plus, it’s part of the reason why you even have a chance to get him now.

not saying anything either way but except things to consider. Gronk has a back injury… if it goes away, he plays, how likley is it to come back. OJ howard is good like really good. he has a qb who loves to throw to TE. being stacked at RB is a good thing and not something i would want to loose. I am stacked at RB and have been getting trade offers for lost of my RBs have been holding off and just did jordan howard and tj yeldon for david johnson people need rbs especially if you are stacked. if you have oj i would hold out or look for something better

I would roll with OJ ROS and use Mack to upgrade your WR position or something.

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Thank you all for taking the time to provide feedback! I’ve forced myself to squash the Gronk fever and roll w OJ. I really like his talent and usage.