Gronkowski/Doug Baldwin for George Kittle/Aj green/Kenny stills

Should I make this trade? I’m very weak in the WR category. My current team is:
Rivers, Brandin cooks, Robby Anderson, Chris Godwin, Lamar miller, barkley, gronk, Lindsey
Bench: Jamaal Williams, Aaron jones, John brown, Beasley and Doug Baldwin. What do you guys think?

Did you win week 1? I would consider taking if you lost but definitely not if you won and can afford to wait for baldwin

I did win week 1. I’m not rushing to make a move I got the offer and wanted to see others opinions, so you think just wait it out?

honestly i kind of like this trade the more i look at it. ya therell be a trade of between gronk to kittle but not huge and the wr trade off is massive youre getting green who can put up monster numbers and is a number 1 and stills is proving to be the guy in miami while baldwin is out for 2-4 weeks and seems to be pretty injury prone as of late. i’d do it but i would sleep on it and hear more feedback

That’s tempting, AJ is a WR1, and Kittles and bits is going to be a top 5 TE plus you can get Stills to give you that high upside flex.

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