Gronkowski & Ertz on same team?

So here’s the situation. I play in a 12 team PPR keeper league, and my keeper this season is going to be Zach Ertz in the 9th round. You can play 2 TE’s in this league because we have a WR/TE flex spot instead of a kicker. I’m going to have a late 2nd round pick. I would not plan on drafting Gronkowski obviously, but I’m one that likes to take what the draft gives me.

There’s a scenario where I could be looking at Gronk and guys like Evans, Hilton, Diggs, etc and the best available RB could be Shady McCoy. To me the best pick in terms of value in that situation would be Gronkowski, but what are your thoughts about having 2 TE’s as key parts of your starting lineup, albeit 2 of the best at the position?

You can play 2 TEs in any league cause of flex, there’s a reason why no one does it.

I would still def draft Gronk late 2nd. I like him more than most of the palyers going around there.

Once you draft him, i’d try and trade Ertz to another TE needy team for any return that is greater than 9th round.

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Trading is another option as well. If my draft fell that way, I think I would have to take Gronk in that spot and then figure out the best move from there.

I would draft him and work a trade


Nobody starts two TE’s unless the waiver wire is depleted. I have had to do it and have won games by small margins but most of the time got beat down. Probably win a couple more with two of the best any maybe sneak in the PO but that where the fun ends.

I disagree on no one doing it. In my league of record people used to do it and rather successfully. The issue is as of late TE’s have been poop which is the only real reason it’s stopped. However I got Eifert in like the 13th round after having Engram in the 10th, so there’s a scenario where i play 2 TE’s this season (if both blow up).

All that said IDk why anyone would keep Ertz over a RB.

I wouldn’t draft more than Gronk personally. I did it one year and it worked, but it was with Tony Gonzo and Gates in their prime runs with Gates had 14 tds and Gonzo had 9. I just don’t think it was worth it even then looking back when I could have had a solid RB on that team instead. If you insist on drafting 2 TE draft Seals-Jones at the end of the draft

It’s hard to make a statement like that without knowing what my other options are. If I had a better option at RB then obviously I would go that direction. Ertz in the 9th round is pretty good value, I wouldn’t just keep any RB over him

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I don’t insist or plan on drafting 2 TEs. Ertz is my keeper in the 9th round so he’s already on my team. My point was that if Gronk fell to me in the late 2nd round, that value may be too good to pass up.

Gotcha, I would say that is a good value, but if I was going to trade one of those two I would trade Gronk as you will at least get god value for him. It’s a tough call and honestly I would hope that he didn’t fall to you so you don’t have to make that call. ha

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My thoughts exactly lol. I don’t believe he will because I know how my league mates value Gronk. But I like to be prepared for as many scenarios as possible

Ah totally didn’t realize this was round dependent. Then yeah keeping Ertz obviously makes sense. I think Gronk is gonna Gronk Smash, but RBs are thin. I’m currently having a similar dilemma with keeping Gordon or Hopkins but my league is single player keeper then turns into a normal snake.

So everyone keeps or they get a “bonus” pick (only 3 players will likely pick) so i’m leaning gordon and then taking Hopkins with my actual pick which will be #2.

I think I would keep Gordon as well in your situation. I think you want to get one of those workhorse RBs this year if possible. That’s always the case but probably even more so this year. WR is deep this year IMO

I’m going to be making the choice between Barkley & Gordon for my first pick. Probably can’t go wrong either way

Sure if you want to hope you get lucky with TDs, that’s a path you can take as well. I’d rather play a favorable WR or RB matchup where I know they’ll get touches.

TE landscape just kind of sucks and TEs are typically the guys who don’t see sufficient targets unless you roster like 2 of the top elite guys and they have the fewest targets/opportunity which is why its bad odds to start 2 TEs on your roster.

Totally depends on the TE and the year. Based on last year, yeah good luck with 2 they were all trash if they weren’t Kelce, Gronk, or Ertz. But a few years ago it wasn’t difficult to have Graham, Gronk, or Gonzalez + another solid TE.

In the case of my team this year i highly highly doubt eifert will be on the team longer than 3 weeks, but 2 or 3 years ago when he was healthy he was putting up good enough numbers that if he was your second TE (which he was cheap that year) you could have been in a situation where you were playing him + your main TE and been better off than playing a RB or WR at the flex. it’s just dependent upon getting a good TE early and a value late. Last year someone could have easily ended up with Gronk + Ertz and they’d have been stupid to not be playing 2 TE’s (i got ertz in the 10th last year).

Yeah a few years ago sure when the landscape was rich with TEs. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about this year. This year and last year, that just isn’t a very feasible strategy.

And Eifert scored an absurd amount of TDs that year as well. I don’t really expect that to repeat itself. Especially given all the injuries he’s had and still struggles with since then.

I don’t think it’s that “easy” to end up with Gronk and Ertz. When you invest early capital in Gronk or Kelce, means you’re thin elsewhere on your roster. To then waste another slot on a TE who you may or may not play seems foolish. Especially when obviously no1 expected Ertz to do what he did last year so even if you had him, you probably would not be playing both until a few weeks in after Ertz was really established. So not so obvious as you make it seem imo.


totally depends on strategy. And like i said mostly playing devils advocate. I actually just dropped eifert for cole lol. I rarely have 2 TE’s but i have gotten torched by teams that have done it before.