Gronkowski FAAB

How much FAAB should you put down on Gronkowski today if you are a TE needy team? My league has $100 per season. It’s dynasty with deep benches, and he would be the TE3 if he came back. I’m going between $36 and $51 … what is everyone else thinking?

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I would prob go about 40 or 45 dont waste it all on gronk. You have to remember that OJ Howard is on the roster still and they didnt really use the TE a lot last season. Just keep that in mind when you put that fab bid in. Good Luck

I don’t see how Bucs could hold onto oj, brate and Gronk. Look for oj to get traded and for te to be a bigger part of a Tom Brady led offense

Side question

How much FAAB if you get $150 just for the offseason??

I’m new to dynasty and wonder the same. Our off-season faab last until after preseason so I think I’m more interested in holding a decent amount of budget for preseason injury reactions

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While I would not waste it on Gronk, if you are wanting him I have been seeing around 60% of the FAAB going towards him. I think that’s nuts, but I get taking the chance on his talent reunited with TB12.

I think it is more a matter of tempering expectations.