Gronkowski trade idea

Hey there, I’m in a 12 person .5 ppr league. I was thinking of trading Nyheim Hines and Evan Engram for Rob Gronkowski. I wanted to see if I was offering too much or too little for him. Please let me know. Thanks for the help

IF Engram was healthy and I desperately needed help at RB I would possibly think about the offer but would not take it. I personally don’t want any part of the Colts backfield and Engram being hurt really cuts his value. I traded Cooper and Burton for Gronk last week so you’re offer is somewhere in line with my offer but I don’t think my offer would have succeeded in most leagues with serious players.

What kind of help does the Gronk owner need in your league and who else do you have that you’re willing to move that would help the Gronk owner?

He’s in need for a running back and I’m also willing to offer buck Allen instead but I can’t offer both as they are my only bench running backs. To note, he also has Jared cook as a back up te.Thanks for the help