Gross TE question

Logan Thomas is in my waivers. Noah Fant is my only TE. Should I drop Fant to grab Thomas with how much Alex Smith seems to be using him?

Fant has the better schedule but it’s questionable if he’ll do anything with it. I wouldn’t be against this move though as I would generally back a player that has a big role v one with a good schedule especially at TE

Fant is the best pass catcher on his team while thomas clearly is not. As strange as it is to say WFT more chances of scoring. Also, smith loves short passes which benefits Thomas whereas lock is always trying to huck it down field.

I guess I go Thomas but I’d try to roster both. I think fant is gonna be a great TE in this league but idk if that translates to anything this year with lock

Fant hasn’t had a good week since week 2. Since then his highest score in half PPR has been 8.2 and he has had good matchups in that span too. The Lock-Fant connection sucks, they just got lucky first 2 weeks. Fant will be better next year if they get a new QB who can establish a connection with him.

if it isn’t clear id pick Thomas LOL