Gross Wr start/sit Tate, Foster

So, I know these options are bad, but curious to hear responses. In half ppr would you start Golden Tate or Robert Foster. Tate is getting targets but they are very low quality targets and he is doing little with them. Robert Foster is a low target deep threat, but is an athletic freak playing with a qb that loves to throw it deep. It is basically win or go home for me this week. Half ppr.

Love fosters matchup

But tate should be way better.

If your playing a matchup that you will prob be behind I’d go with upside of foster.

If your projected to win id prob play the slow and steady tate

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Yeah, makes sense. I am projected to lose but by 5 so not massive difference. Would you go Anthony Miller over both?

Yes I would

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Mitch is not going to be QB this week… So might re think the Miller call…

Just go with your gut

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Yeah, that certainly complicates things. That’s why I brought up this question in the first place was in case Trubisky sat. I still might play Miller anyway and trust in Nagy and this bears offense to deliver a touchdown more so than the Bills or struggling Eagles.