Grossest WR Dilemma ever

Hey folks! Due to a series of byes and injuries, I am down a WR and the pickings are SLIM on the waiver wire. I think I’ve narrowed it down to these situations:

Chicago WRs - Taylor Gabriel or Anthony Miller
Arizona WRs - Keesean Johnson or Damiere Byrd

Chicago is one of the only teams in my league with one WR who is rostered (Robinson). So, I’m thinking there are opportunities available from CHI. Saints have been good against the pass though. But Miller should see a lot of snaps from the slot, where they’re weakest, and Gabriel is coming back from concussion to play the outside.

Arizona plays NYG who are highly exploitable in the passing game this season, and their numbers on the Stream Finder Tool are laughable. Fitz and Kirk are both rostered, but Kirk may not play again this week, which would mean Keesean Johnson will get a lot of snaps. Damiere Byrd sees the field a lot more when Kirk is healthy, so I’m thinking “Kirk plays, maybe Byrd, Kirk doesn’t play maybe Johnson”?

So, which of these 4 gross situations would you go with?

Miller time for me out of those options

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Agree I’d go with miller