Guess I’m starting a dynasty league

Hello Foot! Couldn’t find a dynasty league so it looks like I will be starting my own. Will be on sleeper, 12 team .5 PPR non superflex but everything else will be voted on by the members of the league. Including draft type (slow or fast) roster size, taxi squad, ETC.

Would like to have a $25-30 buy in to keep the interest (2 years paid up front), but we can vote on that also. If interested let me know, none of my friends have any interest in dynasty so 11 spots open in the league.


I’m in, my sleeper ID is TheConsultant

Sleeper ID spartayin

Oh yeaaa, I’m in. I’m new to the footclan though and don’t know what “my sleeper ID” is lol. Is that just my username you need?

Yup just your username

Sent invites to the two of you!

I’m interested sleeper name is schmdal

Invite sent

IM interested
Sleeper is JBaby2020

Chrisf0417 and I have a friend that may be interested as well I’ll grab his id if you need more people.

Hey, been trying to get in a dynasty league as well, if you still have room, I would love to join. Sleeper ID: MFChak



Me and my buddy would love to join! Our users are:


Invites sent to ever sleeper name I got

I’ll save a spot for you send me your sleeper ID

League is full sorry

Damn just got on. It’s kgk4124 if a spot opens up

Let me know if a spot opens up. I am interested!

if spots open im interested in joining

Gilla52 if you still need someone