Guess who started NEWTON against BIG BEN and JUJU tonight?

Just wanted to get my frustration out here, standard 12-teamer, playing against my best friend(we put wager bets on our matches). He’s 7-2(won 5 straight games), im 5-4(lost 4 straight games).
I started cam newton(13 pts at the moment)
He started big ben + juju smith-schuster(almost 60 points)

Fantasy football is a bitch sometimes.

Thanks for the attention lol


Yeah this game was a complete joke


Thursday night games are horrible… good teams playing away games become shitty teams, mostly shitty defenses. Its a joke…

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I agree. This should have been one of the better games on the Thursday night slate, too

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Cam looked like he stopped caring after about 10 minutes

I’d prob stop caring too if my defense literally refused to play…defense


Like letting TB get back in that game last week

Yeah, last week was weird. This week is even more tho… the good thing is, they are 6-3, so they cant just stop caring rest of season lol im counting heavily on newton to get me to the playoffs

Mafia calls the shots man that’s what I’m feeling lately. Shits turning into horse racing lol

Guy in my league sat Big Ben over matty ice :man_facepalming: